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Whether it be on the blog or on the podcast, you the viewer, let me know what secrets and stories are better than others. Just like in the podcast rehashes we do where I bring Lisa to talk about the most recent episodes, I think my ideas are great, but oftentimes it’s best to bounce ideas off another person from a different perspective.

The COVID Pandemic is wrapping up, People are getting vaccinated throughout the world to stop the spread. I’ve been binge watching Netflix in the evenings to pass the time as we open back up. I really enjoy…

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Some of my favorite vacations growing up in my teenage years were when my family would go on cruises. Growing up with three siblings, my parents didn’t know that if our family was even going to enjoy going on cruises. Our first cruise was a 3 day cruise through the Mexican Riviera.

We didn’t like the cruise as a family, we loved it!! To please every individual in a family trip can be a near impossible feat, but for my family, cruises were something we really enjoyed together.

It was nice because when we are on the ship, we could…

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Some of the greatest lessons that we can learn from are books, movies and sports. This past week was the National Football Leagues (NFL) yearly draft.

Every team is trying to make improvements off of last year through former college players who are making the leap to the professional league, even if they were the lucky team who won the Superbowl (their league championship). The teams also have to make adjustments for trades that have happened in the off season or players contracts up, or even players retiring.

It is difficult to judge or scout college players. Was the player…

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Have you ever wondered why some are able to push themselves a bit further than others or even at any given moment somebody going through a dramatic situation is able to have what seems to have superhuman strength?

Before I share a story I want to give credit to Azmy Nawushad for sharing it.

During a brutal study at Harvard in the 1950's, Dr. Curt Richter placed lab rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water.

On average they’d give up and sink after 15 minutes.

But right before they gave up due to…

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At the beginning of the year, I shared with you my goals for the year. I shared with you a personal goal as well as a business goal. My personal goal is the most common goal for New Years Resolutions, to lose weight, more specifically body fat percentage. We are just past the end of 1st quarter of the year and I wanted to share with you on an update on that goal as well as something I have learned along the way.

First off I feel physically feel better about my overall health that I did when I started…

The struggles of the daily grind of life at work or in life can be difficult and strenuous on us physically and or mentally. I couldn’t count the times that I look back and wonder where the time went. When I am successful I get excited and what I was able to accomplish over a given time. When I fail or fall short I have felt before that I’ve wasted my time or ask myself, what could I have done different?

There are several things that I have changed and added to my personal life and business so that I…

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Almost nothing brings us happiness more than having success. In business getting that big promotion or being recognized by your boss and or by your peers. In our family it could be a simple thank you by your loved one who noticed what you have accomplished around your home. A lot of success is built on previous success just like building blocks, one on top of another. I call this process, the trail of success. Once you are on the trail of success, you’ll want to stay on it. …

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Life is tough. Demands at work. Our relationships take a lot of work; combination of time and effort. We may feel that our strings are being pulled at all different angles. As we take care of our family, friends, business or even ourselves; others are relying upon us at all times. We may feel as if the weight of the world on our shoulders.

All we want is for the tough times to end. Spread the weight a bit onto some one else. We may just want a break to catch our breath.

What or how do I get the…

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We are always trying to get an edge or advantage to what we are doing whether it be in our relationships or in business or in fitness. Anything to help us out we usually will do, especially if it is a quick fix.

We read books, blogs, talk to others, attend seminars, webinars and listen to podcasts for inspiration. I am a huge fan of podcasts and ebooks. It is so easy nowadays to put a podcast or ebook on while we drive or when we’re just lounging around the house. We use this as motivation to drive us or…

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We rate how fast something is moving based on their speed based on distance or accomplishment over time. In business and life we are always comparing ourselves either consciously or subconsciously against the clock. There are several questions we need to ask ourselves in regards to our speed, but 3 core questions.

For most things the overall goal is to increase speed. So, What do I need to do or how can I speed up my process or processes?

Who or what is holding me back or slowing us down?

What am I doing holding myself back or slowing myself…

Tyler Scott

FOUNDER of, HOST: of Secrets of Senior Care Pod Cast

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